Galli Snaren Ukulele Bas UXB-910C

Galli Snaren Ukulele Bas  UXB-910C

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Galli Snaren Ukulele Bas UXB-910C

string set for ukulele bass, flatwound chrome steel on synthetic core, 4-string
Designed and manufactured at the headquarters of Galli Strings Co. Italy, these innovative strings are perfect for all kind of Ukulele Basses.

Chrome steel wrapped around a synthetic core, the ukulele bass flatwound string set enables fast and stable intonation, bringing a warmth and consistency to your instrument like never before. These high-tension strings offer a timbre and maneuverability akin to the double bass. Smooth to the touch, the chrome flatwound tape allows your fingers to glide around the fretboard and helps protect the neck from wear and tear. Perfect for fretted or fretless ukulele bass.

Galli Snaren Ukulele Bas  UXB-910C flatwound bestel direct online via much-music.nl 

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