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The Rock Slide

NEW: The Rock Slide ®

Slide more - fret less with The Rock Slide ®! Since 1999 our passion has been to help you slide like a pro. Our signature tapered interior, knuckle cutaway and finger rest leave the rest of the slide world feeling clunky. These are truly NOT JUST A PIECE OF PIPE.

The Rock Slide® is the original tapered interior guitar slide. This provides a small feeling slide that fits snugly, yet has great weight for tone.
The slide is cutaway so you can bend your finger and not get pinched. Gain extra control and comfort with the dished finger rest.

Small Rock Slides are the sports car of the slide world, very light weight and extremely fast. Ideal for the guitarist who needs to play chords but wants to throw in pinky slide chops. It also works well on the ring finger of many women.

Medium Rock Slides are a perfect weight for most styles, heavy enough for long sustain on acoustic guitars, but light enough to easily control for fast electric playing.

Large Rock Slides are one of the heaviest on the scene. This makes for killer sustain on the thickest of string gauges and a down-right dark sound.

The polished brass & aged brass Rock Slide have huge sustain. Why so much sustain? Because the heart of The Rock Slide is the solid brass rod that is CNC carved to fit your finger. This particular brass formula is very heavy which is the best for tone and sustain. The walls are thick and get thicker towards the end of the slide because of the internal taper design. We intentionally added a tone ring at the fingertip end which adds mass and helps secure your finger. Like a Hawaiian tone bar cuts through the mix with more weight and mass, so does The Rock Slide. NOT JUST A PIECE OF PIPE.

The aged brass Rock Slide is done with a 3 step recipe of destruction. They are all done by hand so no two look alike. There is no sanding, dinging, or scuffing involved so the surface is smooth, not scratchy. It's a satin finish vs. the high gloss polished finish. Basically it sounds like a brass slide that has been played for a few years.

The moulded glass Rock Slide also has very thick walls because of the internal taper, in fact, the walls at the opening are 4mm and 6-8mm thick at the fingertip end. That's about twice the thickness of a typical heavy wall glass slide at the end. A baseball bat has a sweet spot for hitting a home run, The Rock Slide® has a sweet spot too. While it is thick enough everywhere to light up the strings, the extra thick end almost acts as a gain knob which helps bring out the low notes, and makes for killer lead playing.

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